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About Louisa

Louisa Jewell is a top expert in Canada on the science of wellbeing and human thriving, having made substantial contributions to the field. In 2012, she founded the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (cppa.ca) to promote the practical application of wellbeing research and has since been a prominent advocate for wellbeing for all Canadians.

Through her educational workshops, keynote speeches, podcasts, radio interviews, and best-selling book, Jewell offers practical strategies for enhancing resilience, performance, and happiness. Her resources provide actionable steps for individuals, leaders and teams to implement in their daily lives.

“ I help companies and individuals think, feel and behave differently so that they can reach higher levels of thriving & success.”

Keynote Speaker

Louisa has spoken to over 100,000 people around the world to promote mental wellbeing and human thriving. Her talks are highly entertaining, informative and backed by twenty years of scientific research. Jewell is known for her ability to take complex research and translate it into understandable, practical, performance-enhancing strategies and tools that people can use immediately to live their best lives.

Jewell is a master at using her own personal stories of clinical depression, personal tragedies and world-wide adventure travel as well as her foray into stand-up comedy to deliver information that people remember.

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Founder of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association [cppa.ca]

Jewell founded the Canadian Positive Psychology Association in 2012. The CPPA.CA is the leading Canadian not-for-profit association for the advancement of the science and practice of positive psychology, which is the branch of psychology that focuses on the evidence-based research and application of human flourishing.

The CPPA.CA is a leader in the global positive movement of like-minded individuals interested in the research & application of positive psychology. The CPPA.CA promotes the science and application of positive psychology and its research-based interventions across Canada through its member base & affiliates. The CPPA.CA delivers the annual Canadian Workplace Wellbeing Awards, celebrating the accomplishments of Canadian organizations promoting wellbeing in their workplaces.

Members are researchers, practitioners, teachers, clinicians, coaches, workplace leaders, professionals, students, and members of the general public who are interested in improving psychological wellbeing for themselves and their respective audiences/patients/clients/staff.

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Wire Your Brain for Confidence, The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt is Louisa Jewell’s game-changing inaugural book – which will guide you from fear to courage, teach you how to conquer BIG goals, and put you on the fast track to flourishing in every area of your life.

Just as she does from the podium, Louisa expertly explains the science of psychological well-being in a warm, approachable, accessible and funny way on the pages of this book.

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Audible Podcaster

Join Louisa Jewell as she takes your life from good to awesome, in a series that explores the science & practice of maintaining mental health and happiness. Together with her qualified experts, Louisa helps you and her guests maintain your energy levels, trelationships, cognitive functioning, work performance, longevity and even physical health. Each episode explores a different topic in the science of wellbeing – also known as positive psychology – to give you evidence based insights and practical strategies that empower you to live your most awesome life.

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Media Personality

Jewell’s work in educating individuals and practitioners across the globe on the neuroscience of resilience has earned her a reputation as a wellbeing expert. Her contributions have been featured in numerous media outlets, including CBC radio, Forbes, Fast Company, Oprah Magazine, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and CTV TV.

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  • Louisa has a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (home of the Wharton School) where she studied with the field’s founder, renowned psychologist and educator, Dr. Martin Seligman.
  • Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Canadian Mental Health Association
  • University of Toronto, Faculty of Social Work, Solution Focused Brief Coaching certificate
  • Canadian Securities Course, Honours List
  • University of Toronto, Honours List, Graduated with Distinction Bachelor of Arts, Major in Commerce

My Personal Story

Twenty-five years ago, I faced a profound struggle after enduring personal tragedies that plunged me into a dark depression. Though I eventually sought help from a therapist who helped me heal, I knew that in order to maintain my mental wellbeing, I needed to understand the science behind it. This led me to discover positive psychology, the scientific study of psychological well-being. I applied for the Master’s program at the University of Pennsylvania, where I had the opportunity to study with Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of the field.

I immersed myself in 6,000 pages of research and applied everything I learned to my own life. As a result, I never fell into a clinical depression again. This experience compelled me to share this life-changing information with others, motivating me to dedicate myself to promoting mental health and happiness.

I have since travelled the world, seeking adventure and learned more about the incredible world we live in. I am now based in Toronto, creating new programs and talks to serve my clients and community. My passion for mental health and wellbeing is driven by my love for my two amazing daughters, who are the light of my life.

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