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May 11, 2016
Hello Everyone! Please join us for our 3rd Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology June 15-17 at the White Oaks Inn and Spa, Niagara-on-the-Lake. In this video I share some of the amazing highlights of the conference. It will be our best ever! Early bird deadline is May 15th so don't miss out on the savings!! For all the details and to register visit here. Download the conference programme here. I look forward to seeing you there!
April 25, 2016
Hello Everyone! I am continuing with my series on how I was able to stay healthy and happy during a very difficult year.  We all need tools and strategies when the going gets tough. This strategy points to my deep knowledge of the Science of the Good Life and how that makes a difference in my life everyday.  I am also excited to be teaching a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology at Evergreen Brickworks this spring (May 2016).  Check it out at the links below! Now is your chance to transform your life and the lives of all the people you work with! For more information about the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology program being by me beginning May 14/15 in Toronto, visit: For dates and to register: (registration is still open!) Call me or email me if you have any questions!
March 30, 2016
Hello Everyone! I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Dadd, author of Finding Fabulous; Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion and in this video she shares who should be on your personal board of directors especially if you are going through a big transition in your life or going after a big dream.  I really enjoyed interviewing Lisa, I hope you enjoy listening! I will be back to my 5th installment of How I Stayed Healthy and Happy During the Worst Year of my Life in my next video blog. Stay tuned! To get your copy of Finding Fabulous click here. 
March 15, 2016
Hello Everyone! I'm back with my fourth installment of my series about how I managed to maintain my well-being during the toughest year of my life. I have never received so many calls, emails and mentions of my blogs as I have with this one. Thank  you for all of your kind words of encouragement and support. You are an amazing community of people that I am so proud to be part of. I am glad my strategies are helping you, your children, your siblings, your husband...the list goes on...We all go through tough times. Taking a pill is not the first answer. There are lots of things you can do before you medicate. This blog's strategy is the most robust  yet. I hope you enjoy it.
March 2, 2016
Hello again everyone! In this video blog series I am sharing my strategies for staying healthy and happy throughout a very difficult year. Last year, 2015 was probably the most challenging of my life. Through the practice of positive psychology, I was able to stay strong, be productive and maintain my well-being despite suffering through some very sad times. This is installment three of my blog series and probably the most important strategy I have implemented to stay happy and whole. I hope you enjoy it.
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Positive Psychology

RT @ContactConf: @louisajewell talks "jolts of joy" & has attendees high fiving & hugging each other - great energy!!! #contactconf2017

1 day ago
Barbara Santen
Registered Midwife & Relationship Coach

Louisa was my instructor for The Flourishing Center's CAPP (Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology) course held in Toronto Canada. She was excellent in her delivery and included many different approaches to teaching and learning which helped me retain the information better than any other course I have taken. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her work is an inspiration and she is brilliant at w... (Read More)

Brian Benn, M. Ed.
Associate Director, Organizational Development

Plain and simply speaking, you were a hit! Your morning keynote address set a meaningful, happy, and upbeat tone for the rest of the conference. Our staff responded to your presentation style and message because it is what we needed to hear and feel at this time. We are a great College, with great staff, and May is the end of a full and active year of classes and programs, successes and challenges... (Read More)

Annalise Iten
Director Job Search Program

Let me just say WOW, WOW, WOW!!! You are a pleasure and a joy! Everybody loved your presentation, your warmth, kindness, approachability, and collaborative approach! Thank you so much for a phenomenal conference. The afternoon portion was also fantastic and more intimate which was really lovely, and it got all of us to breathe and connect more with one another. I cannot wait until our next opportu... (Read More)

Roz Baker
Project Director, Signature Events

Louisa has the unique ability to engage a diverse audience with her expertise, humour and engaging style. As our key note speaker she enlightened the audience on the science of happiness and how happiness effects our well-being. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive; guests were inspired and delighted to listen to such a knowledgeable professional about a topic that everyone craves to know more... (Read More)

Louisa's course: Building Personal Resilience for Clinicians and Frontline Workers has been very well received since we introduced it two years ago. Her fun and engaging style makes this one of our highest rated courses, and the information is such a critical addition to the participants self-care toolkit. While the material is completely grounded in science, the application of it is practical, ... (Read More)

Jen Tigno
Manager, Advising & Learning Skills Services, Academic Advising & Career Centre
University of Toronto Scarborough

Louisa delivered a fantastic workshop on the topic of personal resilience and learning to embrace failure. Her session was refreshing, entertaining and very pertinent to our work with students. The strategies she provided are ones we can apply right away. Our time with her simply flew by! I highly recommend Louisa as she is both an expert on and shining example of the power of positive psychology.

Carolyn Meacher
Innovation Leadership Coach

Thank you again for another great webinar. You and Shannon are both so engaging. It is rare in a webinar to actually feel that we are all in the room together. Somehow you both pull it off with your deep knowledge, warmth and energy. Your sessions offer a lot of value. The content is clear and compelling, and the exercises are highly relevant and immediately useful. I’m really enjoying ta... (Read More)

Marilyn Kisluk

Thank you so much for your presentation today—there was so much that was of great value –lots to think about. I worked with a client immediately following the webinar and used the “miracle question”—so much came out of that and it was perfect timing. Louisa, I found your presentation style is so engaging, provocative and yet relaxed and rich with information. Thanks again.

Helen Gin
Middle School Principal

Comments from two participants (faculty and staff): 1) I felt that the PD with Louisa Jewell really had an effect on me in a very positive way. I could not stop talking and thinking about her discussions for a week or more after. It had such an impact on me that I spoke to my friends about that PD. I feel that our school needs these kinds of reminders in order to put ourselves on track and keep ... (Read More)

Valerie Ward
Co-Developer and Owner

Thank you again so much for the excellent session! It is so valuable and pertinent and, as I mentioned at the beginning, theoretically grounded and also practical - a rare and wonderful combination.

Laurie Fraser
Character Integrator

Your presentation to our parents was such a gift. Thank you. I have already had emails from parents who attended to say how grateful they are for what you shared with them. Your work is so important, and the way you distribute it with such grace and humour makes it accessible to so many.

Brenda Bojorquez
Senior Manager

The workshop is very dynamic and time flies. It definitely gave me more consciousness of what I think, I feel, do and how I can do a much better job. The content is powerful and so are the exercises and resources provided. I do think that this is the first step to a happier, fulfilling life. I would love to take more workshops about this subject. Thank you Louisa so much for this opportunity. I ha... (Read More)

Sarah Clark
CPC Health Coach

The flourishing 101 course was an eye opener. When you look for the positive around you, guess what you actually find more of the positive. It?s the power of intention. I discovered how I could use my top strengths to create more success in my personal life and career. Sometimes what we are naturally good at we take for granted. This course will change how you interact with others and bring more p... (Read More)

Collette Johns

I had long struggled with my lack of motivation and my fear of the world. I didn't have enough confidence in myself to start conversations with strangers or to try new things. I was unhappy with the small and empty way I was living my life and I wanted to make a change, but I didn't know how or if I could. I found the answers I was looking for in this course. It opened my eyes to the traps I was f... (Read More)

Kristy S. Simpson

I loved Louisa Jewell's Flourishing 101 workshop series. I learned so much about happiness, positivity and how to increase both. I have so many new tools to use and am able to refer to them whenever I need to. It's been extremely useful and I recommend it to anyone!

Shirin Khamisa
Career counsellor & Certified ICF Coach

It would have taken me months of independent study to learn what I have learnt in just six short weeks. The classes were lively, engaging and down to earth. The practical examples and stories made the research come alive. I especially loved the home happiness boosters turned my A-ha Moments into easy action steps with big impact. Flourishing 101 made a positive impact on my life and has given me ... (Read More)

Erica Sprules

Thank you very much for taking the time to present to us here at Sterling Hall on Tuesday. I have had numerous teachers, parents, and administrators say what an incredible session it was. All of our brains are brimming with programming and activities we can implement both at home and at school to help our students and children realize their character strengths and use them to help build their resi... (Read More)

Steffi Black
Life/Career Coach & Kindness Advocate for Schools

Thank you for a great course! It was a wonderful class - full of useful and thought-provoking information. And, I liked the balance of classroom learning (which I love) and some exercises to apply what we talk about. You are also able to handle all sorts of questions well. I was so curious - I hope I did not bombard you with too many questions as I was loving what we discussed and wanted to learn ... (Read More)

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