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Why I’m Thinking About My Death | Weekly Juice Episode 51

My dear friend Scott Asalone of The Greatness Project published a video this week that really made me think. In it, he talks about how, if you really want to live a flourishing life, you should live it with your death in mind. That is, how do you want people to talk about you after you have left this world? In this week’s Juice, I talk about how Scott’s video made me think about the ‘why’ behind what I do and the importance of positive self-talk as we do it.  Listen in!


You have to watch Scott’s video here:

Staying Psychologically Healthy

The only time I learned how to stay psychologically healthy was when I fell into a depression. It’s like only eating healthy after a heart attack or illness.

At The End of Your Life

What do you want people to be saying about you?


Stopping Rumination Course Launches October 2nd!

Rumination is when something bad happens and you think about it over and over again.  It almost feels like your brain is spinning or obsessing over the same thing.  Did you know that rumination is the number one contributor to female depression? I used to be a big-time ruminator.  I ruminated about EVERYTHING.

After completing my masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at UPENN I learned how to stop ruminating.  It was the most amazing thing to have that inner critic silenced for good.  I am so excited to share how to stop ruminating with you. Sign up for my newsletter now to get updates about the course. I look forward to seeing you in October!

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