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What is your unique brilliance?

I had the pleasure of talking to Lisa Sears, a business coach, about how to tap into your unique brilliance for greater business clarity and a happier life. Even if you don’t run your own business, clearly defining your unique brilliance can allow you to focus on what you are really good at and what you truly enjoy.  In this segment, Lisa defines what unique brilliance is, how to get clear on what your unique brilliance is and how you can use this information to propel your business or career forward.  Listen in now.

Lisa Sears works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them build their businesses because that can be the most difficult part. Lisa brought up this idea of unique brilliance a few weeks ago when we were doing a webinar together. What is unique brilliance?

What is meant by finding our unique brilliance is to look at what brings us into flow. That is when we are good at what we do and totally loving and enjoying what we are doing at the same time. A lot of times we step in and we’re so eager to be approaching our work, but we’re not really paying attention to where we really fit best. It really helps to look at what our unique brilliance is. It is about being fully engaged. Sometimes we get into engagements that bring us anxiety and sometimes we get into engagements that really don’t bring us excitement. We get exhausted or bored. We have so many options that it kind of paralyzes us when we start to think about building a business or choosing a career. Lisa defines unique brilliance as how you tend to naturally help people and bring the greatest value to people’s lives.

When we talk about flow, we mean when we are fully engaged, loving what we are doing, interested in what we are doing.

There are so many ways that we can use education or our wisdom or our experience to help people. We don’t really know how to narrow that scope so that we find joy in the work. That brilliance can really help us show up in the way that we naturally help other people, but also that we enjoy our eight-plus hours a day in our businesses. It is really finding that unique piece of you which can be such a powerful tool.

How do we do that?

Lisa takes people through a visualization. Very high level, sit in a quiet place and close your eyes and picture going into a space that you love and picture the people in your lives, either business people, family, friends, have them all lineup and kind of come to you one at a time. Think about how you’ve helped other people and what that might look like. Visualizations are great but another fun part is just going to ask people so you could do a visualization to remember what people have told you in the past. A lot of times it’s getting together with friends and asking them how you have helped them; Do a survey (as I am doing –> Please fill out my survey here: )

Questions you can ask to get a better idea of your Unique Brilliance:

How did I help you?

What was a great outcome?

How did I change your life?

What was the impact I had on your life?

What’s the next step in the process?

Once you ask people for this input, then what would you do?

Once we pinpoint this brilliance, look at how can you shift that into a business model. For Lisa, it helped pinpoint how to work with people. Teach people something, help them practice that thing over time. She wanted to create an impact in their lives and then grow and move on. Lisa designed limited engagements like six-month coaching programs and a six-month mastermind. Lisa’s unique brilliance really helped design her programs.

Your unique brilliance can be your anchor or your compass.

Once you have your unique brilliance you can look at any engagement and say, is this anchored in the way that I show up best? Notice when you don’t show up at your best, that flow gets out. It sort of like gives you a lens. This is the lens and if somebody comes to you for some work and you know that doesn’t fit the lens. It’s not working. That can help propel your business to the new level because you’re always doing things that you’re really good at and where people are getting a lot of value. And when you make those decisions, you not only change people’s lives, you change yours!

To find out more about Lisa, please visit her website here.

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