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2 Tips to Stay Happy During the Holidays | Weekly Juice Episode 58

It seems that the holiday season is filled with happiness and joy and spending time with good friends and family.  And I also know a lot of people who suffer through the holidays…thinking of loved ones who have passed, or relationships that have ended, jobs lost… The holidays seem to magnify those feelings of sadness about the things we are missing in our lives.  In this episode I share two tips for boosting your happiness during the holidays, especially if you are feeling sad.

I want to wish all of you a happy holiday season. If you are feeling down, please reach out to me… I will be here as a friend to support you anytime.


Holiday Time is Such a Festive Time

We visit with family and friends, everyone seems to be happier and spreading cheer, but that’s not the case for all of us this time of year. The holiday time seems to be more challenging than ever. There could be many reasons why you may need more support and resilience this time of year – having lost loved ones, struggling with illnesses, being in the hospital, or having just lost their jobs. I have 2 tips for those of you who may not be feeling it.

Tip 1- Turn to Gratitude

When things go wrong in our lives, we can be so focused on that one thing – I call it “The Closed Door”. You didn’t want that door to close, that thing to go wrong, or that person to leave your life. We can be so focused on the Closed Door that sometimes we forget to turn our gaze to the open opportunities, or the people and events who can bring joy or comfort in this particular time.

In that case, we want to be turning to gratitude – being able to say “maybe I can turn my attention and be grateful for the things that I DO have.”

It doesn’t mean gratitude will solve all of your problems. But it may bring you some comfort at this time.


Tip 2- Create A New  Tradition

I remember when things fell apart in my life and I had lost certain traditions that were no longer going to come to pass… I was feeling sad, lonely and excluded, sitting at home thinking “right now I would be doing this or right now I would be doing that”.

Instead I decided to start my own new traditions! I started volunteering and doing other good work around the holidays. And now, I direct my focus to those things and it is more joyous because I also take the off of myself and put it on other people who may be in need at this time!

I found that creating new traditions for me and my family took my mind away from the old traditions that were not available to me anymore. That was such a source of comfort and joy for me.


I am Here As a Friend!

If anyone needs someone to talk to over the holidays, I am here for you as a friend if you want to reach out to me!

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