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Why Rest is so Important to Our Well-being | Weekly Juice Episode 50

In this week’s Juice I interview Megan Soutar, Reiki Healer, Woman’s Wellness Coach and Fitness Coach. Megan shares with us how important rest is when working out and exercising and also gives us some great insights into healthy sleep patterns. Megan is a dear friend and her positive energy is so engaging.

Listen in and get some rest people!

Why is Rest So Important to Our Well-being?

Rest is such a key part of fitness but also for emotional, spiritual and physical health. Rest allows our body to integrate the work that we’ve been doing. We are constantly putting our bodies under stress, if we don’t let our bodies rest, they will continually recycle cortisol under duress, creating inflammation. We’ll never see the results we desire without sufficient rest.

Reset, integrate all the hard work we’ve been doing and allowing it to change our bodies in the way we’ve been hoping it will change.


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