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3 Tools to Stop Catastrophizing | Weekly Juice Episode 49

Do You Catastrophize?

Catastrophizing is when you get worried that something will happen in the future and you start to imagine every worse case scenario that could come about. That is, instead of being realistic about what might happen, you actually start to engage in catastrophic thinking, taking that worse case scenario to the extreme. This could also happen when we have a ‘near miss’, like when you ‘almost’ got into a car accident and your mind starts to race about what ‘might have been’.


3 Ways to Stop Catastrophizing

  1. Use gratitude- I’m grateful that myself and family are okay.
  2. Focus on the things that are in your control- Let it go and decide not to worry about things that are beyond your control.
  3. Trust that you will know what do if the time comes- Trust that in the moment you will know how to protect yourself, your family and to do your best.

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