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Understanding the Six Pillars of Employee Experience

Employee engagement surveys have long been used to gauge employee satisfaction in the workplace. However, it has become evident that these surveys fall short in capturing the complete employee experience. Understanding the employee experience is crucial as it directly impacts productivity. Recent research involving 17,000 employees found that the relationship between employee experience and productivity was six times stronger than that of employee engagement alone.

To create an organization where people genuinely love to work, to become a leader who is adored by their team, or to assist organizations in enhancing their employee experience, it is essential to understand the six pillars that constitute a positive and fulfilling employee experience.

1. Authenticity
The first pillar of employee experience is authenticity. It revolves around whether employees feel comfortable showing up as their genuine selves at work or if they feel the need to hide certain aspects of their identity. An organization that promotes authenticity allows individuals to bring their true selves to work without fear of embarrassment or judgment.

2. Engagement
Engagement is a vital component of employee experience. It is not just about employee engagement surveys but rather about the frequency with which employees experience a state of flow while working. In other words, do they have the opportunity to be fully absorbed and interested in their tasks, free from distractions? High engagement levels lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

3. Optimism
Optimism plays a significant role in shaping the employee experience. Employees who feel optimistic when coming to work tend to think in positive and constructive ways, making them more productive. On the contrary, a pessimistic outlook can hinder performance and overall well-being.

4. Purpose and Meaning
The fourth pillar centers around purpose and meaning in the workplace. Employees seek meaning in their work, wanting to know that their efforts contribute to a larger purpose. Understanding the “why” behind their tasks and knowing they are part of something meaningful in their professional journey fosters a more fulfilling experience.

5. Belonging
Belonging is a crucial aspect of the employee experience. Employees need to feel like they belong within their organization and that their contributions matter. A sense of belonging fosters a positive work environment and encourages employees to invest in their organization’s success.

6. Social Connection
Finally, the most critical pillar of all is social connection. Employees thrive in an organization where they have strong relationships with their colleagues. Positive social interactions, forming genuine friendships, and cultivating high-quality connections contribute significantly to the overall employee experience.

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