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The Optimism Bias

There is a lot of discussions these days about optimism and how an optimistic mindset can be beneficial to our well-being. But is there a biological foundation for optimism? Are we, as human beings, hard-wired for optimism?

June 24, 2011 In this radio show we talk to Dr. Tali Sharot who has a Ph.D. in psychology and neuroscience from New York University and is a research fellow at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College in London, England. She lives in London and conducts research on optimism, memory, and emotion which has been the subject of features in Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Time, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, as well as on the BBC. We caught up with Tali this week while she was in New York and we talked to her about her fascinating new book The Optimism Bias: A tour of the Irrationally Positive Brain. Also joining us in the studio was Emmanuel Lopez, also known as motivator man, who is an award-winning Illustrator, Professional Speaker and Movie Blogger. FEATURED in The NEW YORK TIMES, The WASHINGTON POST and The TORONTO STAR. His blog, Movies That Motivate, is known for its motivational tips and inspiring movie examples. Emmanuel helps individuals increase PASSION and build optimistic mindsets through articles in ZOOMER MAGAZINE, EXAMINER.COM and empowering keynotes and seminars.

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