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The New Revolutionary Secret To Goal Setting

“Hello everyone! Louisa Jewell here. I am so thrilled to have Caroline Adams Miller here with me today. She is the author of the international bestselling books ‘Creating Your Best Life‘ and ‘Getting Grit‘.”

“We have spent the last few days goal-setting for this year and we have learned so much from Caroline because she is also an international leading expert in goal setting.”

“January is usually when people are setting new year’s resolutions and goals for the year. And I find from working with people over the last several decades in studying goal-setting theory at Penn, that many people set goals but they don’t know there’s something called ‘goal-setting theory‘. They’re under the misconception that smart goals, the law of attraction, and the ‘just approach’ goals are the ways to set goals.”

There’s a true science to goal-setting that involves self-efficacy, self-determination theory, goal setting theory, priming, etcetera.”

“Goal-setting is just one half of the equation. You want to actually achieve your goals. It’s really about the things that you can do so that you maximize your opportunities to achieve your goals. Now, one of the things that we’ve been talking about this weekend that is backed in research is to start off thinking about your goals as dreams.”

“This is the research of Richard Boyatzis at Case Western University, and he is a well-known researcher in the fields of wellbeing, motivation, etcetera. He has found that with more recent fMRI studies of the brain if you start with the word dream it opens up your thinking and it changes the way that your brain actually processes information.”

“If you start with the word goal, Richard found that the brain goes into this strategic default network where you narrow your creativity. So my advice is to start big; start with the dream.”

“For example, ask yourself the following questions; What is your dream? What are the things that you dream about accomplishing? What is your dream for 2020? What is your dream for this particular team that you’re working with? What do you dream that you can accomplish together in collaboration with others? What is the dream for the next five years, the next year, the next month?”

“And then from there, we come and drill down to what are the goals of our dreams. And then, separate them into learning goals and performance goals. But start with the word dream and see what else emerges as you go through this process.”

“It really makes the difference when you’re setting goals to talk about dreams because it gets you into possibilities thinking. It really opens you up. Another way of looking at everything is by using The Miracle Question technique by Steve de Shazer.

The word dream is definitely a vocative of magic.”

Play around with words that actually evoke a different kind of thinking and behaviour in terms of how you then go from there to goal setting but then do the goal-setting piece right, too.”

“Everyone should read Caroline’s book, Creating Your Best Life, which takes you through goal-setting theory. It has just been named the best book to set goals with, in 2020, by Thrive Global and the book will be re-released with a new cover, a new introduction and an updated, stripped-down goal setting guide.”

“Everybody in the world should have a copy of a stripped-down goal-setting manual because the world is not flourishing. I believe that when we know how to set, pursue and achieve goals with research and evidence, we’re all going to be happier. Stay tuned.”

Ready to take your goal-setting to the next level? You can check out Caroline’s website here and purchase her best selling books here.

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