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The Kindness of Strangers | Weekly Juice Episode 54

I took a few weeks off to recover from Burning Man but I am back and feeling transformed! In this video I share a profound experience I had at Burning Man that really changed me. One of the principles of Burning Man is Acts of Gift Giving. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value.  As a result you don’t actually pay for anything at Burning Man. Everything is gifted to you. It’s quite an incredible culture.  I spent time in the Temple. It is a solemn place where people leave notes, messages, pictures, tokens…Anything they want to ‘leave behind’. Going to the Temple is about letting something go.  Listen in. I think you will find this one interesting.



Burning the Effigy

Before I left, I signed my divorce papers.  I was determined to let everything go at Burning Man. At the Temple, everybody had something in their heart that they were letting go of.  People were grieving, everybody had their own suffering.

I met a woman in the Temple who was really struggling and felt compelled to go to her, I put my hand softly on her should and then hugged her dearly.  We cried together as two strangers helping each other and talked. What a joy to be a source of comfort to someone in that moment.  Meeting people and helping people validated and reinforced this work that I do, helping people improve their wellbeing.


What I Took Away From the Experience

If we could all take a moment to smile throughout our day at everyone we encounter, give a compliment, commit a kind act or gesture; it would go a long way to changing in our world.  We shouldn’t be so afraid that just because someone is a stranger, that we can’t show them love or friendship.  It could really change people and change our experiences.


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