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These 3 Promises will Change your Life

I am thrilled and honored to have interviewed my dear friend, David Pollay, about his brand new book, The 3 Promises.  This video is a little longer but I promise you, if you watch it, it will change your life. He gives us big ideas for bringing more joy into our lives, strategies for loving what we do and ways to making a difference in the world.  David is the author of Law of the Garbage Truck – which also changed my life.  David will show you the road to fulfillment.

Tweet this!: A butterfly lives for 10 days solely to make the world a more beautiful place David Pollay via @ Louisa Jewell

Now, go out and get The 3 Promises!  It will help you bring so much fulfillment into your life.

To follow David’s amazing journey visit his website at Once you read the book, David wants to hear from you about your 3-Day Challenge by posting on his facebook page at

Thanks everyone! See you next time.


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