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Free Virtual Conference: Banish Self-Doubt with the New Science of Self-Confidence

Join us for 16 interviews with the world’s leading confidence experts as they share the best science-backed strategies for banishing self-doubt and improving personal courage!

May 11 – 14, 2015

Cost: FREE!

Do you know what the number one regret of the dying is? “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” Living an authentic life takes courage and confidence. We want to go after our dreams but often when we are dreaming big, we are paralyzed by anxiety, fear and self-doubt.

So, how do we overcome our self-doubt to live an incredible life? How do we build the confidence we need to go after what we want and persevere through any obstacles that might come into our path? That is what this virtual conference is all about. I have interviewed leading researchers and scientists to explore the fascinating field of what holds us back – self-doubt – to reveal secrets that are just coming to light in the latest psychological research.

I have interviewed scientists who have studied what makes us confident and courageous and share with you the leading research that will propel you to new heights in your life. I’ve interviewed leading experts who have applied the latest science in self-confidence, strengths and positive psychology to help you build the mental muscles you need to create your happiest and most successful life. And I’ve also interviewed world-famous authors and consultants who will share their wisdom about how they felt the fear and did it anyway.

Tired of all those years of self-sabotage? Are you bored splashing around in your small pond when there is an ocean of opportunities out there? This conference is just what you need to kick start your bigger life!

For more information about all our featured speakers and to register click on the register link below!

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