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Slay Impostor Syndrome

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Hey there, it’s Louisa Jewell with your Weekly Juice!

In our bustling modern world, where every win gets a cheer, there’s a sneaky thought some of us wrestle with: “Impostor Syndrome.” Thanks to the insights of psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes back in 1978, we understand this feeling a bit more. It’s that little voice saying, “Am I really good enough?” even when we’ve got a track record of amazing stuff. Today, let’s chat about impostor syndrome, what it feels like, and some heartfelt ways to push past it.

Understanding the Impostor Feeling

Imagine doubting yourself, even when you’ve been on a roll. You could be smashing it, but there’s that nagging thought of, “Did I just fluke this?” This can lead to anxiety, overworking, and, frankly, just feeling that you are never enough.

Impostor Syndrome is a consequence of self-doubt

Some people wear impostor syndrome as a badge of honour but it can be a problem. First of all where is the joy in feeling like an impostor? When that impostor voice chimes in, it’s hard to truly enjoy the moment. But remember, when we’re feeling positive and uplifted, that’s when magic happens. If you want to stay productive and perform better, impostor syndrome can crush your motivation.  Impostor syndrome is a problem because it perpetuates self-doubt and self-doubt can stop you from playing a bigger game. You don’t want that.

Escaping the Clutches of Self-Doubt

Acknowledge Your Triumphs: Take time to acknowledge your accomplishments. Write down why you deserve your successes. If that’s a challenge, seek input from trusted friends who can provide unbiased perspectives.

Craft Your Definition of Success: Free yourself from society’s predefined notions of success. Define success on your terms, focusing on aspects that bring you fulfillment, be it meaningful work, financial stability, or enriching relationships.

Find Inspiration in Others: Instead of succumbing to feelings of inadequacy when around accomplished individuals, find inspiration. Envision yourself reaching similar heights and let this positive visualization empower you.

In our super-charged world, impostor syndrome can feel like a heavy backpack. It dampens our joy and cranks up doubt. But with the strategies in Louisa’s Weekly Juice, we’ve got a map to lighten that load. It’s all about celebrating YOU, carving out your kind of success, and getting inspired by others. Remember, your journey to confidence and happiness starts by embracing how truly fantastic you are.

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