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One Simple Tool that will help you Banish Self-doubt

Do you experience a lot of self-doubt?  Do you have that voice in your head that you are an imposter and you’re going to be found out? Michelle McQuaid is a highly successful business woman who was the youngest executive at one of the largest firms in Australia and now runs a very successful practice teaching others her techniques for success.  But she wasn’t always the self-confident woman she is today.  Learn her one tool that helped her banish her self-doubt and allowed her to shine.

If you want to hear Michelle share her favorite tested, practical strategies alongside some of the world’s leading researchers, best-selling authors and coaches in human flourishing in this FREE podcast series for Live Happy Magazine. Just click here to register:  For more information about Michelle McQuaid visit her website at

A great Forbes article on 5 ways you can banish self-doubt featuring both Michelle and Louisa can be found here:

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