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No Love for Valentine’s Day? | Weekly Juice Episode 60

Love from me to you!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Hurray for some, miserable for others. It’s that day that most people who are missing that soulmate in their lives, dread.

As you look around, you see happy couples everywhere, getting engaged and having anniversaries. And you wonder, “Why not me? I’m nice. I’m cute.” But that soulmate just never shows up!

Well I have a new perspective on this. First of all, I don’t believe in ‘soulmates’ per se. I think what we consider a soulmate is someone whom we have very deep connections to and share wicked chemistry. Someone that lights up your life and feels so comfortable right into your bones.

I think we can have many soulmates over our lifetime… and they don’t always have to be our partners.  What I mean is, our soulmates can be anyone in our lives we feel a deep love for. Our children, our family, our best friends.  For sure, without a doubt, my girlfriends and my family are my soulmates. They have carried me through the hardest times and been there to celebrate and relish my wins and good things happening in my life. They know me, they see me and they love everything about me…unconditionally. They hold my soul in their hearts and I hold theirs. I am surrounded by soulmates and I am certain you are too. Who are your soulmates?

As for love, spread it widely today, to everyone you meet – your baristas, the Fedex guy, teachers, dog walkers, even total strangers…

And just know in your heart that you are deeply loved today…BY ME. I am gifting love far and wide. I hope you can feel it as much as I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Until next time,

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