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The Neuroscience of Stress and Building Resilience

Mental toughness keeps you acting when you most want to quit. It is the unlock key for success in long‐term, massively‐challenging endeavors. Until recently, people thought you either had it or you didn't. But a growing body of breaking research reveals that mental toughness or resilience is not only a mindset that separates those who succeed from those who plateau, it is a teachable and buildable skill. In this interactive talk, Louisa will introduce you to the five major sources of stress and how they affect our brains. You will also learn what resilience is and why it matters, how you can redirect stress before it becomes distress, and uncover the basic mental, emotional & physical skills of resilience and how to build them. You will walk away from this talk feeling resilient and stronger than when you walked in.

In this interactive workshop you will:

  • What is stress management and why is it important in your life
  • The basics of what stress is and how it can impact you both physically and mentally
  • Physical signs of stress and common responses to stress
  • Strategies for reducing stress in the midst of stressful situations (real-time stress reduction)
  • Stress reduction techniques for daily practice including exploring your personal power and coping strategies when things are in your control and when they are not
  • Reframing techniques for avoiding stress all together
To book this workshop for your organization contact Louisa Jewell at or call at 416-559-8930.

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"Having just spent an educational, entertaining and inspiring Saturday attending your seminar I find it hard to imagine that you could still have any need for glowing reference letters from satisfied customers. But I was so impressed by both your content and delivery that I can’t help myself from sending you one anyway."
Tema Frank, Founder & President, Web Mystery Shoppers

"One of the best (if not the best) workshops I have ever taken"
Workshop Participant, Northern Lights Canada

"…It was wonderful meeting you. I have raved about the workshop to many ofthe people I know. I told my x-boss it was the best thing I attended in all my years at Sears. You were an inspiration Louisa. I really mean that."
Annie Paul, Sears Canada

"Thanks Louisa for doing such a great job. The next day I received 4 different emails personally thanking us for the workshop – a couple from people I never expect to get these things from. In my 15 years as a manager/director I can’t recall such a positive response to any workshop we’ve done."
Randy Heasman, Director Employment & Training, St. Stephen’s Community House

"Louisa was one of, if not the best instructor I have ever had. Great job."
Workshop Participant, Workplace Safety and Insurance

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