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Mindfulness, The Foundation of Thriving | Your Weekly Juice Episode 47


Mindfulness is a practice that allows you to “patch the hole in your proverbial cup”. The ability to be present, gain clarity, prepare yourself mind, body, and spirit. Then, once centered, you can more fully utilize every other tool you have to support your personal growth.

In Pax Tandon’s new book “Mindfulness Matters, A Guide to Conquering Your Life” she talks about ways we can practice this in our daily lives.

Why Does Mindfulness Work?

We need objectivity and awareness in our day to day to offer an opportunity to see more clearly what is happening so we can make better choices through that awareness of where we are in any given moment. It supports our ability to notice what’s happening, develop and cultivate that clarity, and anchor us back to the present.

Making It Stick

One of the greatest challenges is continuing the practice once understood is incorporating it in our daily life. Pax recommends when starting out, to try linking it to daily habit, like brushing your teeth. This way, we will set ourselves up to developing the habit of mindfulness. It doesn’t come easily, but with practice it becomes easier, and more deliberate.

Beginner Hack

If there is something that is on your mind. Something you are holding on that is distracting you. Put it in writing. Put it on the page in black and white. This is unbelievably effective way to “trick” your mind into believing this has been dealt with and is something we no longer need to worry about. It creates an internal dialogue and trust.

Mindfulness is vitally important to our overall well being, but like anything, it takes work. Similar to our physical body that does not gain muscle overnight, attention is slow to build, however with duration and time you will gain the capability to use it easily in your daily life.

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