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Mark Groves and Me | Your Weekly Juice Episode 45


When it comes to dating, especially after a divorce where does our confidence go? And how do we get it back? I am so excited to share my conversation with Mark Groves with you all.

If I Was Enough, What Would I Do?

Most of us, specifically at our most vulnerable, believe we are worthy when someone chooses us. This shifts the power in the dating process. Instead of the world responding to us, we find ourselves responding to the world. We are taking our cues for how to react from how we are being treated in the process. Instead, take a position of power. Be who you are, and get clear on that. Understand why you do what you do. The more you know exactly what and WHO you are bringing to the table the more empowered you are.

Dating As Sorting

Treat dating as an opportunity to get very clear on what you want and what you do not want.

Date enough people that you can identify what makes a good fit for you. When you start to understand what works for you, and what your standards are, you are more able to see the abundance of opportunity in dating. It opens up your eyes to what is available for you. Remember, you are in a selection process, you are not sitting and waiting to be selected. Use your voice and be brave enough to say openly what you want, rather than remaining silent afraid it won’t fit with another and entering into an “intention mismatch”.

Change Comes From Within

Belief is symbiotic with choice. We must make the choice to believe what we are telling ourselves. People with amazing self worth tell themselves they are worthy. People with great boundaries recommit those boundaries internally. What you believe about yourself will be as strong as your weakest choice. Relationships are a magnifying glass to all of that.

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Louisa Jewell

I am so pleased to see Mark Groves give his great advice here!

July 13, 2018 at 3:23 pm

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