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Managing Self Doubt | Your Weekly Juice Episode 44


How much self doubt is healthy for you?

You always want to have a little bit of self doubt. When something is new, or unnerving, or unfamiliar, self doubt can help you perform better. Recently while preparing to speak to a room full of medical professionals I found myself wondering if the message I was portraying was going to be right. I was doubting how my words would land with this new audience.

Managing Self Doubt

Many of us manage self doubt with subjective over achievement. Subjective over achievement is a consequence of self doubt. Pouring more and more effort in to ensure “perfection”. It’s exhausting, and the end result is not usually worth the effort and stress we put in. You must learn how to stop engaging in an extreme and find the sweet spot.

A Healthy Balance

The small amount of self doubt propelled me to put in the extra effort into my presentation and it paid off. It was a success.The participants were thrilled.And that is a direct result of pushing myself further to gain the confidence I needed to perform to the best of my ability.

Sometimes a little bit of self doubt makes all the difference!

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