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Make Your Dreams a Reality | Your Weekly Juice Episode 46


There are two sides to finding your purpose. The first of course, uncovering what it is, and the second is following it! But before we get to that you must first identify and overcome the fears that are stopping you from trying.

My friend Carin is a remarkable human who has made it her life’s work to help others determine what it is they were truly meant to do. Their purpose. Here are a few of her tips to overcome the fears you have around turning your dreams into reality.

How Can I?

Every time you hear your self say “I can’t” shift your thinking to “how can I?”. This simple change takes your brain from a narrow path where you are cut off and lost in the “judger pit” where there is no where to go, into a learner mode where you are open to discovering possibilities.

Become Friends With Fear

If we are not following our dreams it’s likely a result of fear. Our fear is telling we can’t do this, detailing all the reasons we shouldn’t. I recommend becoming friends with your “Fear Brain”. Use the opportunity to get clear on what you are afraid of. What is driving these feelings, what is the foundation for these thoughts? Then take that information process it, and work through the fear, and come out the other side ready for change.

Ask For What You Want

When we see things we want, ask. It’s that simple. Nothing ever comes to you, you need to move towards it. Swallow the fear and be willing to hear no. Remind yourself another’s “no” does no impact your ability to keep going. It does not define your worth.

Every dream we have is meant to come to fruition, or else we wouldn’t have it.

Just go for it!

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