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How to Silence Your Inner Critic Once and For All

It was such a thrill to introduce so many of you to my new online course Silence Your Inner Critic  that is soon to be released!  We had so many people join our live webinar on Friday and Monday where I shared tools and strategies for freeing your mind of negative chatter.  In this week’s Juice I wanted to share the recording of my webinar for those of you who missed it.

I have been working for months to create a program that finally frees you of your inner critic.  I am so thrilled with the content, practices, resources and support I provide in this program! Launch date is just around the corner so if you’re not on my announce list, you will want to get on it!

Here is more information about the program. I look forward to working with all of you to free yourself of that inner critic once and for all!

Silence Your Inner Critic


Free yourself from negative mind chatter once and for all – and unleash a happier, more confident YOU!

Do you…

  • Think over and over again about negative things that have happened to you – running them through your head every which way?
  • Constantly beat yourself up – even over the ‘small stuff’?
  • Experience the same negative emotions over and over again?
  • Feel yourself spiralling downward into a ‘black hole’ of negativity?

If so, you may be ruminating – a sneaky and destructive habit that is the number one cause of female depression – and have come to the right place.

Rumination, otherwise known as ‘repetitive negative mind chatter’, is the tendency to fixate on, obsess or worry about things that have happened to you and replay them in your mind over and over again.

It also affects your ability to problem solve, creates bad feelings, kills your confidence, leads to self-criticism and self-blame, and zaps your motivation.

It’s no way to live – and I know this because I suffered myself for many years.

I also know that breaking free of the cycle can feel impossible. But I can assure you it’s not. With a little bit of work, you can recognize rumination, re-set your thought patterns, and stop this destructive habit dead in its tracks.

Once you end that repetitive mental mind chatter for good it will be an amazing day in your life. I know, I freed myself and my whole life changed for the better!

If you’re ready to stop the negative chatter in your mind and start living a more positive, joyful and fulfilling life, Silence Your Inner Critic can show you the way.


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