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How to inspire people to never want to leave your company

The Importance of Prioritizing People in Business

In the world of entrepreneurship, where profit margins and bottom lines often take center stage, there’s one leader who is challenging the norm. Fatima Zaidi, the founder and CEO of Quill Inc, an award-winning production agency specializing in corporate audio, and co-host, a podcast growth and analytics tool, is making waves with her unique approach to business leadership. In this interview, Louisa Jewell delves into Fatima’s philosophy of putting people first and explores how it has contributed to her remarkable success.

An Entrepreneur with a Heart

Fatima’s journey with Quill began in 2019, just before the onset of the global pandemic. Despite facing the challenges of bootstrapping the business without external capital, she has achieved remarkable growth. However, what sets her apart is her unwavering commitment to her team. Fatima firmly believes that the most valuable asset in any business is its people. In her view, putting people first is not just a noble sentiment; it’s a sound business strategy.

The Cost of Employee Turnover

Many business leaders focus primarily on profits and cash flow, often neglecting the human element of their organizations. Fatima recognizes that high turnover can be a hidden but substantial cost. When employees leave, it incurs recruiting expenses, knowledge transfer challenges, and disrupts the existing team’s dynamics. It’s a cost that extends far beyond the money and can undermine long-term success.

Building a Unique and Well-Rounded Team

One of the cornerstones of Fatima’s approach is creating a diverse and well-rounded team. She values individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives, recognizing that this diversity fosters innovation and creativity. Moreover, she places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, offering extended vacation time and holiday closures that go beyond the traditional North American standards. For example, she closes the business down for two weeks at holiday time and one week in the summer, in addition to giving people their vacation days. Fatima believes that employees need adequate time to recharge and reconnect with their personal lives to perform at their best.

Competitive Compensation

Fatima also addresses the issue of compensation head-on. She acknowledges the rising cost of living in major cities like New York and Toronto, where many of her employees are based. To retain talent, Quill pays above-market rates, ensuring that employees are compensated fairly for their contributions. This approach not only keeps employees motivated but also mitigates the risk of losing them to higher-paying opportunities elsewhere.

Embracing Work-Life Boundaries

At Quill, there’s a strict rule: no working past 5:00 p.m., and no work on evenings, weekends, or holidays. Fatima firmly believes that overworking does not equate to higher productivity. Instead, she celebrates employees who excel within their designated work hours. By maintaining these boundaries, she not only ensures her team’s well-being but also sets an example as a leader who prioritizes a healthy work-life balance.

Compassion in Times of Need

In addition to her progressive policies, Fatima demonstrates compassion during challenging life moments. Quill’s maternity and paternity leave policies extend to both biological and adoptive parents, fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Furthermore, the company’s bereavement policy is broad, encompassing not only family members but also beloved pets. Quill acknowledges the emotional impact of such losses and provides flexibility for employees to take the time they need to heal.

Encouraging a Balanced Approach

Fatima’s message to fellow business owners, founders, and CEOs is clear: consider the long-term impact of your choices. She suggests writing a letter to oneself, envisioning where they want to be in 30 years. By prioritizing balance, nurturing a well-rounded life, and redefining success, leaders can create workplaces that not only thrive financially but also promote the well-being of their teams.

Learning from Regrets

One of the most profound lessons shared by Fatima was from the “Top Five Regrets of the Dying.” These regrets, based on interviews with individuals near the end of their lives, offer a unique perspective on what truly matters. The regrets include not living authentically, working too hard, not expressing feelings, failing to stay connected with friends, and not allowing oneself to be happier. By reflecting on these regrets, individuals can make choices that align more closely with their values and life aspirations.

In a world that often glorifies relentless work and ceaseless pursuit of profit, Fatima serves as a beacon of hope. Her philosophy challenges the status quo, reminding us that true success lies in finding a harmonious balance between work and life. By embracing her approach, we can create workplaces that not only achieve financial prosperity but also foster happiness, fulfillment, and lasting memories for employees.

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