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How Self-Compassion can Improve your Confidence

In this video I have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Kristin Neff, a leading researcher in self-compassion. Dr. Neff discusses how self-compassion improves our confidence and the scientific reasons for this. She also shares the three elements of self-compassion that you can easily incorporate into your daily life for greater happiness, well-being and confidence (of course!).

Tweet this! Self-compassionate people are less afraid of failure When it’s safe to fail it’s safe to try. Dr. Neff @self_compassion via @louisajewell

Interested in learning more about self-compassion? Dr. Neff will be teaching a 2-day course in Toronto, Nov. 20 & 21. For all the details and to register see here.  Visit Dr. Neff’s website for more great resources about self-compassion.

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