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4th Canadian Conference on Positive Psychology | Your Weekly Juice Episode 42

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association Conference was this past weekend in Toronto. A magical three days I always come home on a high filled with incredible ideas. A beautiful reminder of the years I spent building this incredible organization.

I wanted to share with you a few of my personal highlights from this incredible conference:

Kate Hefferon

Embodied Cognition: Positive body image. It’s not enough to say I don’t hate my body, we have to say I love my body and believe it. The research shows people who love their bodies are genuinely happier.

Elaine O’Brien

Positive Psychology in Medicine: How does our emotional state impact our physical self and what tools do our doctors need to factor emotional well being into diagnosis.

Happiness Research

Measuring our well being: Canadian index of well being found that people are less happy when they reside in large cities and happier when in less populated areas. It reflects on how nature, and nature therapy can support health and wellness

Itai Ivtzan

The upside of the downside: We always assume we must be happy and experiencing positive emotions all the time, but that is not the case. Struggle and strife can be a beautiful growth experience. Embrace all parts of life as they are all beautiful in how they unfold.

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