Silence Your Inner Critic Online Course

Do you ...

Think over and over again about negative things that have happened to you – running them through your head every which way?

Constantly beat yourself up - even over the ‘small stuff’?

Experience the same negative emotions over and over again?

Feel yourself spiralling downward into a ‘black hole’ of negativity?

If So, You May Be Ruminating - a Sneaky and Destructive Habit That is The Number One Cause of Female Depression - & Have Come to The Right Place.

Rumination – otherwise known as ‘repetitive negative mind chatter’ – is the tendency to fixate on, obsess or worry about things that have happened to you and replay them in your mind over and over again.

It also affects your ability to problem solve, creates bad feelings, kills your motivation and confidence, leads to self-criticism and self-blame, and zaps your motivation.

It’s no way to live – and I know this because I suffered myself for many years.

I also know that breaking free of the cycle can feel impossible. But I can assure you it’s not. With a little bit of work, you can recognize rumination, re-set your thought patterns, and stop this destructive habit dead in its tracks.

But How?

If you’re sick of the negative voices in your head and want to free yourself from rumination, you could:

  • Buy some self-help books – which may lay the groundwork for some understanding but, without support and guidance, is unlikely to affect real change
  • Seek out one-on-one therapy, which is effective but very costly – and certainly not the only solution to this challenge (unless you are also clinically depressed)
  • Or, you could enroll in Silence Your Inner Critic and discover how to recognize rumination, reset your thought patterns, and get rid of those repetitive negative voices in your head

A Proven System With The Support & Guidance You Need

If you’re ready to stop the negative chatter in your mind and start living a more positive, joyful and fulfilling life, Silence Your Inner Critic can show you the way.

This six-week, self-directed online course led by author, speaker and positive psychology expert Louisa Jewell will teach you how to:

  • Build awareness about your thoughts
  • Stop the repetitive cycle of thoughts dead in their tracks
  • Change your inner thoughts and how you speak to yourself
  • Move from pessimistic thoughts to optimistic ones
  • Manage your emotions and redirect your focus
  • Be kind do yourself and practice self-compassion
  • Separate self-worth from accomplishments, and
  • Kiss perfectionism goodbye

Are You Ready to Break The Cycle?

Here are some of the (awesome) benefits waiting for you on the other side:

  • More happiness and positivity
  • Better mental health and greater overall wellbeing
  • More confidence
  • Less resistance
  • Higher productivity
  • Better, stronger friendships and connections
  • A newfound self-worth
  • More self-compassion, and
  • Freedom from perfectionism
  • A bigger, better life

What’s Included

When you sign up for Silence Your Inner Critic, you get unlimited lifetime access to:

  • 27 videos, organized into six modules
  • Dozens of exercises, tools, strategies and resources to help boost your learning
  • Accompanying worksheets that will help you incorporate this into your life
  • Access to Louisa Jewell – and an entire community of likeminded people – for support via a private, students-only Facebook group
  • Scheduled monthly online ‘office hours’ with Louisa Jewell so you can ask questions and get support as you work through the material

In our first module we focus on gaining a better understanding of what rumination is. Here’s what you will learn

  • My personal story and how I was able to stop the repetitive negative mind chatter for good
  • Understanding what rumination is, why we do it and what the causes are
  • The harmful consequences of rumination
  • The amazing benefits of stopping for good & how your life will change
  • How to be successful in this course and make it stick

In the second module we start with a focus on awareness – you can’t change anything you are not aware of.  In these 4 lessons you will learn

  • How to become aware of your inner critic, when you are doing it and what triggers you
  • How to get down to the root causes for you and strategies you can implement to reframe your thoughts
  • Tools you can use to stop ruminating the moment it begins
  • The latest tools on how you can develop the mind muscles you need to make this change for the rest of your life

Once you become more aware, we focus on learning powerful science-backed tools that help you talk back to that inner critic and have more productive and positive thoughts. Here’s what you will learn in 4 lessons

  • A powerful technique for turning your inner self-critic into a constructive coach
  • How to let things go that you have been holding onto for too long
  • How to let go of perfectionism and live a less stressful life
  • Increase your own self-compassion

If you want to stop ruminating for good you have to adopt a new mindset. Here I share new mindsets that can help you gain a calm confidence in your life. This module has 4 lessons. Here is what you will learn

  • How to redirect your focus so that you are not ruminating about the past
  • How to focus less on yourself and more on things you’re excited about
  • How to train yourself to be more optimistic and increase hope for the future
  • How to move towards achieving your goals with greater confidence and joy

People ruminate more when they are in a negative mood. In these 3 lessons I teach you science-backed tools for lifting your mood and keeping you in a great space. In this module you will learn

  • A powerful tool for managing your daily mood
  • Practices that can have dramatic effects on your happiness and well-being
  • Things you can put into place that will consistently help you stay in a positive state of mind

Changing for good takes practice. In these 3 lessons I teach you how to stay on track forever. In this module you will learn

  • The tools you need to transform the way you think and truly let past habits fall away
  • The supports you need to truly silence that inner critic once and for all
  • About ongoing resources that will help you stay on track for life

Imagine …

…Feeling happy, positive, productive, and confident. With less worry, better relationships, and a newfound sense of self-worth. Imagine going after your biggest goals and dreams with no anxiety or stress – and joyfully fulfilling them.

When you free yourself from this cycle – and this struggle – you will be setting yourself up for a life of abundance, positivity, and possibility – both personally & professionally.

I Had Long Struggled With My Lack of Motivation & My Fear of The World …

I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to start conversations with strangers or to try new things. I was unhappy with the small and empty way I was living my life & I wanted to make a change, but I didn’t know how or if I could. I found the answers I was looking for in this course. It opened my eyes to the traps I was falling into and it gave me the knowledge & more importantly, the strategies I needed to overcome them. Once I started to apply some of those strategies and to do the exercises, I started to have a more positive outlook. With that new attitude, I embraced the findings and philosophies the workshop presented and gained the courage I needed to grow into a more productive and resilient person. Now I feel more in control of my life and hopeful for my future. Friends and family have told me I’m lighter and more confident.

I have mended bad relationships and accomplished long-term goals. I feel like I’ve finally left my state of arrested development behind and entered adulthood. I owe that to Louisa and Flourishing 101.

Colette Johns

Silence Your Inner Critic will teach you to reset your inner thoughts, manage your emotions, and be kind to yourself so you can stop overthinking for good – and start really living.

This is your roadmap. These are your tools. We are your community.

Louisa Was Excellent in Her Delivery & Included Many Different Approaches …

Louisa was my instructor for my Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology course. She was excellent in her delivery and included many different approaches to teaching and learning which helped me retain the information better than any other course I have taken. Her enthusiasm and commitment to her work is an inspiration and she is brilliant at what she does. Thank you Louisa for opening up the world to brand new possibilities for me. You are a gem in the world of positive psychology and beyond!!!!

Barbara Santen

Meet Your Guide

I’m Louisa Jewell, one of Canada’s leading experts in positive psychology. Through workshops, keynote speeches and my book Wire Your Brain For Confidence, I teach people how to conquer self-doubt, boost confidence, and improve their happiness using positive psychology.

Silence Your Inner Critic is near and dear to my heart because I suffered – big time – from negative mind chatter in my own life. It deprived me of happiness and stopped me from shining in the world – until I got help.

I went to see a psychotherapist and, after several sessions, noticed that he was teaching me a new way of thinking – and that it was working.

Using positive psychology, I was able to completely re-train my brain – which completely changed my life. That is NOT an exaggeration; the day the ruminations stopped was one of the most joyous days of my life.

I was impacted so greatly by this experience that I pursued my Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, and am now 100% committed to sharing the power of positive psychology with the world.

Silence Your Inner Critic includes the information, strategies and tips that helped me stop ruminating so that YOU can experience a happier, more fulfilling, and more successful life too.

“The ruminations are gone. I am finally free – and you can free yourself, too.” – Louisa Jewell

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How Do I know If Silence Your Inner Critic Is Right For Me?

If you can identify with even one of these statements, Silence Your Inner Critic is the perfect place for you:

You think about negative things that have happened to you, over and over

You regularly relive the negative emotions of your interactions after the fact

You find it difficult to move into action and a solution-focused mindset

You have trouble solving problems, and/or feeling motivated

You struggle with negative emotions

You regularly think about negative memories

You lack confidence

Your friends are sick of hearing about your problems and/or you have trouble keeping friends

Our Guarantee

If you aren’t 100% convinced that Silence Your Inner Critic is for you after completing
the first module, we’ll refund your purchase price in full.

I’m Sure You Have Questions. Let’s Answer Them.

While rumination and worry are similar – they are both repetitive, persistent self-focused thoughts – worry involves negative thoughts about things in the future whereas rumination involves thinking over and over again about past situations.

Absolutely. First of all, it’s really hard to face a challenge head on, so it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous or scared. Let me reassure you, though, that millions and millions of other people are in the same boat as you. It is very common and you are NOT alone. You’ll find judgement-free support in our community, and we would love to have you.

Absolutely. In fact, Silence Your Inner Critic is a wonderful way to learn coping techniques and prevent the behaviours that can lead to depression and anxiety.

When you master the techniques in this course, you’ll also be able to teach your kids how to have a better coping style from an early age.

Certainly not – men are most welcome here! The simple fact of the matter is that rumination is a bigger problem for women – they are more likely to experience negative mind chatter as a response to distressing circumstances, and focus inward on feelings rather than outward on taking action to change their situations.

That’s true. While the right book may be a great starting point, Silence Your Inner Critic offers much more – including guided exercises, accountability, and a support network. For this reason, there is MUCH more to be gained from this course than simply reading a book (no matter how great it may be).

I am not a clinical psychologist and Silence Your Inner Critic is not a replacement for therapy if you’re feeling clinically depressed.

That said, Silence Your Inner Critic can be a valuable adjunct to therapy for those dealing with anxiety or depression – especially as it relates to managing negative mind chatter and preventing relapse.

That is a very valid concern. Rest assured that this course is designed to set you up for long-term success, with lessons dedicated to preventing relapse and staying the course. If ever you do fall off the wagon (so-to-speak), you can revisit the course anytime, and find the support you need through our private Facebook community.

All you need to drastically change your life is a few hours a week, over the course of six weeks. That’s it! If that even feels like too much, you can absolutely take it slower. Silence Your Inner Critic is self-directed, which means you get access to everything at once, and can go through it at your own pace.

I understand that there are a lot of competing priorities, but flip this and ask yourself what it will cost you to continue on as you have been? Rumination is a major problem that has a host of negative side-effects, including anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, compromised problem-solving abilities, and a loss of confidence.

For the cost of the course, you could have better mental health, greater wellbeing, more confidence, better productivity, and an increased sense of self-worth, among other benefits. In other words, money well-spent.

It may feel that way, but I can assure you that, if you invest the time and fully commit to this change, Silence Your Inner Critic WILL change your life for the better.

And you’ll never know unless you try – which you can do with zero pressure, thanks to our refund policy. If after the first module you decide Silence Your Inner Critic isn’t for you, we will refund you in full.

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