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Don’t Rescue Your Kids – Coach Them Instead | Your Weekly Juice Episode 29

Your Weekly Juice Episode 29

Raising Confident Children

This month, I am focusing on how to raise confident children, so for the next four Weekly Juice episodes, I will offer you tips and advice on how to build your child’s confidence. If you don’t have children, these tips will be helpful to you too!

As parents, we never want to see our kids suffer and that makes it hard not to get involved in their lives and provide input when it comes to problem-solving. The issue with helping children solve their problems is that they will never believe that they are capable of doing it themselves. If they don’t believe that they are able to solve their own problems, they will become anxious and stressed every time something goes wrong. When you help build your child’s confidence in their own problem-solving abilities, you help teach them that even if something does go wrong, they possess the skills to find a solution.

Here is my step-by-step process on how to help build your child’s confidence so that they can become better at solving their own problems.


Ask your child to spend some time alone to think of 3 solutions to their problem. This allows them time to think about the best solution and plan the best course of action to solve their problem.

Listen and Brainstorm

Regroup with your child and let them explain each solution to you in detail. Listen to their explanations and help them brainstorm further. By doing this, you are teaching your child to problem solve and how to think for themselves while still guiding them to a good outcome. When you co-create a solution with your child, they are more likely to follow through because it was their idea in the first place.


Encourage your child to choose the best solution based on the information they talked about with you. By encouraging so, you are building confidence and self-efficacy when it comes to problem-solving. Not to mention, they are going to feel pretty great about themselves knowing that they were able to come to a solution on their own.

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