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Always be Prepared | Your Weekly Juice Episode 40

I was recently asked to be interviewed on a documentary about separation.  The interviewer asked me if I had any advice for women who were separated. It dawned on me that all the advice I had to give to women were things I had put into place when I was married. So in this week’s Juice I share three things for all married women or soon to be married women should know, just in case years later they find themselves going through a divorce. I hope it’s helpful.

Tools Today to Help Tomorrow – If Tomorrow Ever Comes

Being prepared doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen, it simply means you are ready if it does.

Your Career is Relevant. Keep it That Way

As circumstances in your life change so does your career. There are certainly stages when you are pushing harder, climbing, growing and others where you coast. In every stage, what is important is to remain engaged. Stay current enough that you are always one foot in on the pulse of whatever the career path you chose is. It’s important so when the time is right, or if the time comes where you find yourself looking at jumping back in you have already tested the water and know what to expect.

Financial Freedom

I don’t mean in the typical sense of the phrase. I mean, ensure you are free from the cumbersome task of trying to understand after all the decisions have already been made. Get clear on where your finances sit at all times. Understand your options, your retirement, your day to day expenses. Track your own net worth. Know your budget, your assets and your liabilities. Be in front of what is happening as it happens so you never end up left behind, or feeling like you are. There is power in knowledge.

Find your Tribe

There is nothing and will never be anything like the love, understanding and endless support of your girl gang. Never ever lose sight of that. There is room in your life to continue to nurture, grow and develop those friendships. They are important at every stage of your life. Make the time. You will be thankful for it and so will they.

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