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5 Things I Learned at The Confidence Formula Workshop

The Confidence Formula

I gave my inaugural Confidence Formula workshop on November 16 & 17, 2017. Based on my best selling book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence, The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt, this interactive workshop taught participants how to conquer their own self-doubt by providing the tools they need to start working towards their bigger goals and dreams.

The following blog post was written by a workshop participant recapping what they learned. Enjoy!

I had the privilege of attending Louisa’s workshop, The Confidence Formula earlier this month and learned skills that will help me in both my work and personal life. I wanted to share with you some of the lessons I learned so that you can also benefit from Louisa’s advice and expertise.

1. Self-Efficacy is the Key to Success

For those of you who are also new to this word (like me), self-efficacy it is the belief you have in yourself to complete a task. If you doubt yourself and your abilities, you are more likely to fail. If you are confident and know that you are capable, you are more likely to succeed. Louisa stresses that self-efficacy is the key to success (page 94). If you believe you can, you will.

2. Reflect When Things go Well

You most likely sit down with your team to discuss when things go wrong because this allows you understand how you can improve for next time. But, how often do you reflect on what went well and celebrate your successes? Reflecting on what went well (page 121) should be just as important. This is a great exercise for improving your self-doubt and boosting team morale.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

We can be our own worst critics which will do nothing to improve our self-confidence. Louisa spoke about the importance of being your own best friend (page 160). She said, “When you catch yourself beating yourself up, ask yourself, is this what my best friend would say right now? Replace your words of defeat with kind words your best friend would say.” If someone you love wouldn’t speak to you that way, neither should you.

4. Create a Vision Board

If you have goals that you are working toward, create a vision board (page 180) with images that represent these goals. Put your vision board in a place that you will see it every day. The constant reminder will be that boost you need to put your plans into action. You will be surprised at what you are able to accomplish when you have a constant reminder.

4. Stop Saying “Should” and Start Saying “Want”

We too often use the word “should” when talking about self-judgments. Louisa stresses the importance of turning those “shoulds” into “wants” (page 204) to reframe your way of thinking. Instead of saying, “I should exercise more” say, “I want to exercise more”. By choosing your words carefully, you are programming your brain to think more positively.

I encourage you to attend the next Confidence Formula workshop but in the meantime, purchase a copy of her book, Wire Your Brain for Confidence, The Science of Conquering Self-Doubt.

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