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3 Things to Boost Your Motivation | Your Weekly Juice Episode 41

Intrinsic motivation is the kind of motivation where you freely engage in an activity or behavior because you enjoy the activity for it’s own sake. No one has to give you a carrot or a stick to get you moving in that direction. When we are going after our bigger goals and dreams, we want to be intrinsically motivated because this will break down any resistance we have to moving forward.

3 Personal Human Needs that Fuel Intrinsic Motivation

Researchers have discovered three very deep personal human needs we have that fuel intrinsic motivation:


When people feel that what they are doing is aligned with their value and belief system then they will be more intrinsically motivated and engaged in the activity. If you can find purpose in what you are doing you are more likely to succeed at it.


We are social creatures. We need a feeling of belonging, of acceptance and respect. When our family and friends are supporting our choices we are more apt to continue to work toward the goal or activity than if we feel pressure or negative response. When we feel unsupported we will struggle in our efforts to achieve our goals.


When we feel capable and knowledgeable about something we will jump in readily to perform. However, when we have self-doubt about our abilities to be successful in any given task, we are more resistant and anxious. Competence breeds confidence.

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