April 21, 2020

The three secrets of resilient people

Watch now – Lucy Hone: The three secrets of resilient people

Today I want to highlight a wonderful TEDx talk delivered by my friend, Dr. Lucy Hone, who is a director of the New Zealand Institute of Well-being and Resilience. Her incredible story of resilience is so captivating you will hold your breath. It is no wonder the powers at TED added her talk to their main page!  

Dr. Hone is a research associate at AUT University and has had her scientific research published in leading academic journals internationally. She holds a Masters Degree in Applied Positive Psychology (that’s how I met her!) and has completed a Ph.D. in public health at AUT. 

I thought her message and the strategies she shared were very relevant for what we are going through today and so I wanted to share it with you (with her permission of course). Her talk is very informative, inspiring and flawlessly delivered. 

If you want a great resilience boost, watch now!

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  1. No surprise this truly resonated with me and can personally attest to the wisdom and effectiveness of these strategies. Thanks for sharing…I’m sure I’l also be sharing with others.

    1. Lesley, as I listened to Lucy I thought of you. It would make sense her strategies resonated. You are both so inspiring with your strength and resilience. We should all look to you as an example. I hope you are staying well. Thank you for sharing.

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