September 25, 2018

Don’t Sweat the Playa Dust | Weekly Juice Episode 55

In this Weekly Juice I talk about the annoying Playa dust at Burning Man. What is Playa dust? Well it is this silt-like sand that gets into everything. You cannot escape getting dusty at Burning Man and you just have to learn how to live with it.  In this video I share with you how I use Playa dust as a powerful metaphor in our lives. Listen in.



One of the things about living in the desert for a week, in Black Rock City, is the Playa dust. It’s not like sand which is kind of coarse, the dust at Burning Man is really smooth and fine. It gets in to everything- in your eyes, your hair, in your clothes, your shoes. You have a shower and 30 seconds later you’re covered in Playa dust. There were a lot of people who complained about the Playa dust even though there is no escaping it.

I found that interesting. If you’re so focused on the Playa dust- what are you missing from the experience because you’re so annoyed and engaged by something that will always be there and is totally out of your control? I found this to be a great metaphor for life.


Sometimes We Do That in Every Day Life

Are you so annoyed and focused on say the bad traffic, that you are missing a beautiful sunset? Are petty annoyances distracting you from being fully present for people in your life? Some annoyances, like traffic or noisy neighbours may always be there and are usually out of your control.  Allowing yourself to engage in the negativity these annoyances bring is a waste of your time and energy.


Let It Go

The more easily you can accept the little annoyances and decide not to engage in them and not to focus in on them, the more we will be able to see and bring in the beautiful things that exist in our lives every single day! Don’t sweat the Playa dust. Accept it and move on.


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