August 20, 2018

How to Reduce Stress When Things are Out of Your Control | Weekly Juice Episode 53

Neuroscientists have discovered what typically triggers a stress response in our brains and a lack of control and uncertainty is a big one.   If you have been following my blog you will know that next week I am going to Burning Man. So many things are out of my control that I have been stressed and, to be honest, a little scared about going! In this week’s juice I talk about how to reduce your stress when things are out of your control.

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What is Burning Man?

Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. A global cultural movement based on 10 practical principles.

“We don’t book acts or provide entertainment. What happens here is up to you! There is no corporate sponsorship. You are entering a decommodified space that values who you are, not what you have. You are expected to collaborate, be inclusive, creative, connective and clean up after yourself. Participate actively as a citizen of Black Rock City, Nevada.”


A Fear of the Unknown

It’s been on my bucket list for over ten years, but the truth is… I’m really scared. It’s going to be in the desert where there is heat and sandstorms. There’s not a lot of water. You have to be careful to abide by the principals of the community. Plus, I’m a little older, will I fit in? The truth is, I like to be in control and have things planned out but with Burning Man lots of things are out of my control.


To Relieve My Stress and Reduce My Fear

I decided to let go of the control! I’m going to get there, its going to be out of my comfort zone, and whatever unfolds, will unfold. I trust that if anything happens, I will know what to do and I am confident there will be someone who will help me. I am open to receive the experience and release whatever I need to release in the middle of the desert!

Let it go and trust that whatever comes your way, you will know what to do!


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  1. You WILL be able to ‘let go’ Louisa and trust in the moment. You have shown such tremendous courage over these years when things did not go as planned and you rose to the occasion with such resilience. Hold on to all that has supported you through past challenging times and savour this new adventure.
    Hugs to you.

    1. Thank you so much Anne! I can hear your soothing voice as I read these words. Any big step and adventure comes with some trepidation. I will embrace fully!

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