June 5, 2018

Burning Man and Bucket Lists | Your Weekly Juice Episode 43

This summer I am scratching something amazing off my bucket list, I am going to BURNING MAN!

Do you have a bucket list? A list of things you want to try before you die? A list of experiences, and challenges, and opportunities that excite you, and enchant you, and maybe even scare you a little?

No Regrets

When people get to the end of their lives they don’t think about the failures of the things they tried. They think about the time they wasted not doing the things they always wanted. Research shows regret is one of the strongest emotions expressed from those who are dying. Regret for all of the things they put off and never did.

A Challenge

I encourage each of you to choose one thing from your “Someday List”, and start to consider, really consider the possibility of making it a reality. Figure out what you would need to do, what steps you need to take to turn these someday items into cherished memories. Make a plan!

You can do anything, at any age, and I urge you to start today.

Tell me, what will you do?

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