April 9, 2018

4 Things That Will Boost Your Courage and Confidence! | Your Weekly Juice Episode 37

For this week’s Weekly Juice I wanted to share my radio show interview on What She Said Radio with Christine Bentley and Kate Wheeler. We talked about 4 sources of a more action-oriented confidence that will boost your courage to act and break down those fear barriers! Listen in!

Why Are We Plagued with Self Doubt?

When things change we consistently question, “are we good enough?” Social media is everywhere and because self doubt is socially constructed we are always in a state of constant comparison.

Impostor Syndrome – Stop It!

Impostor syndrome perpetuates self doubt. And the way to combat it is to strengthen our selves. When we do better we feel better. Competence breeds confidence. Believe in the value of your contribution.

Four Step Formula – Action your Behaviours

1. Start Doing it – Put what worries you into practice, take baby steps and celebrate along the way.
2. Find Inspiring Role Models – People you admire and believe you could follow in their path. Inspiring humans that model the behaviour you want for yourself.
3. Mentally Rehearse – Meditate. Imagine you are already doing it. We can trick our brains to become familiar with doing things even if we have never done it before
4. Find a Mentor Who Believes in you. Who will encourage you and cheer you on.

Stay focused. Be gentle with yourself. Less Self Criticism, More Self Compassion

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  1. Hi Louisa , I’m living in France. I got information about you from Mathieu Ricard. I am following him on Linkedin.
    Thank you for your « weekly juice ». It is really refreshing !!
    All the best,

  2. That was awesome Louisa! Congratulations! What a fabulous opportunity to be on the radio! Love your wisdom, it is a light in this world that helps shine the way. I look forward to the next time we meet. Warmest regards, Caroline

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