January 22, 2018

How Exercise Can Increase Your Confidence | Ep. 27 Your Weekly Juice

In this Weekly Juice, I interview my dear friend Dr. Elaine O’Brien, an expert in the psychology of health, positive medicine, and fitness. She also holds a doctorate in the (Positive) Psychology of Human Movement from Temple University. In this interview, I asked Elaine how exercise and movement can increase confidence levels.

Elaine has been an inspiration to me and thousands around the world so I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi Louisa and Elaine, What a wonderful video to watch right after I woke up this morning! Today is one of my non-gym days (and a busy day where I have to be “on” for a lot of it), so I always need to motivate myself to fit in some kind of exercise at home. Thanks to Elaine’s reminders of how beneficial exercise is for the brain as well as the body, I overcame my inertia and went and did my workout. As a result, I feel better prepared for the demands of the day. Thanks to you both! Karen

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